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Secretary General  Ming-Syong Shen
ext.:5012 petercgu@mail.cgu.edu.tw
Section Chief Chao-Chin Su
ext.:3088 succ@mail.cgu.edu.tw
Officer Yu-Yen Wu
ext.:3088 D000000966@cgu.edu.tw
(1) Board of Directors
(2) Internal control system
(3) Department of secretariat office general handling 
Officer Yi-shan Chen
ext.:3371 yschen@mail.cgu.edu.tw
(1) Managing university news and news release
(2) News and media relations
(3) University marketing strategies
Officer Jia-Miin Tsai
ext.5030 jmtsai@mail.cgu.edu.tw
Secretariat Office Affair
Assistant Chia-Ling Wu
ext.:5426 alumni@mail.cgu.edu.tw
(1) Distinguished alumni selection and awards presentation
(2) Alumni questionnaire administration
(3) Alumni Newsletters
(4) Website maintenance
Assistant Shin-Huei Lin
ext.:3988 shinhuei5426@cgu.edu.tw
(1)Alumni questionnaire administration
(2)Website maintenanc