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Chang Gung University held a signing ceremony for the teacher-student entrepreneurship Ibis Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to enter the Center for Innovation and Incubation on May 25 at.....
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In the flag presentation ceremony for the 2019 summer vacation, Professor Wen-Ko Chiou, Secretary General of Chang Gung University, introduced the story of the Hero Satchel to the teachers and students who were about to depart for rural areas, mountainous areas and Malaysia during the summer vacation.  He said, "The Hero Satchel carries the life story of the student who designs the bag, and it symbolizes the heroic journey each student is about to embark on.  The journey will surely shape students to be a better version of themselves.  It will also provide an opportunity for students to tap into a deeper and broader life experience.  Students may gain valuable insight and wisdom after tackling all sorts of challenges and making tough decisions during the trip.”

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In order to promote international exchange, the College of Engineering of our university and the Faculty of Engineering of Yamagata University signed an academic cooperation MOU in 2018. To further facilitate bilateral academic exchange, to promote research in the field of polymer materials, as well as to boost the international visibility of our school, Chang Gung University collaborated with Japan’s Yamagata University to hold the 2019 International Symposium on Polymer Engineering and Science on September 4th-7th, 2019 at the Centennial Hall of the Engineering Faculty of Yamagata University.

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The Presidential Science Prize Committee announced the winners of the "Presidential Science Prize for the year 2018-2019" on September 18. The winner of the "Applied Science Division" was Distinguished Chair Professor Dr. Fu-Chan Wei of Chang Gung University........